Islamic Questions And Answers

1) arabi ibarat ko hindi me likhna kaisa
2) roman eng. me quran likhna kaisa
3) quran ko hindi me likhna kaisa
4) hindi me ayat likhna, roman urdu me ayat likha shariat me kaisa
5) sikander warsi about ayat hindi

6) quran ki ayat ko doosri bhasha me likhna kaisa
7) roman me quran ayat ko ilkhna kaisa
8) quran ki ayat ko hindi me likhna kaisa
9) quran ki ayat ko roman urdu me likhna kaisa
10) quran ki surat ko ayat ko doosri zuban me likhna kaisa

11) kya kuran ki surat ayat ko hindi english me likh sakte hai
12) arabi ayat e qurani ko arabi ke siwa doosri bhasha me likhna

Answered By Sayyid Muhammad Sikander Warsi ↡↡↡↡↡

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